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Below you will find a list of all available catalogs. Each Catalog is a set of windows from a particular church and has a four letter code associated with it. You can view them as sets by clicking on the four letter code or the accompanying image.

There are also tools to help you find the windows that best meet your needs. You can search by subject if you have a particular saint or symbol in mind. If you need a window of a specific size you can search by height or width. Please use any combination of those options to find the glass that best suits you.

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Catalog SJMP

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Catalog SJMP

Window # SJMP-111

Price: $800

Note: Call for Details

Catalog SJMP

Window # SJMP-124

Subject: St. Gregory the Great

Height: 72.00000 inches

Width: 29.00000 inches

Price: $2900


Catalog SJMP

Window # SJMP-135

Price: $800